Next Trades Coucnil Meeting: Wednesday 18th April

The next Trades Council meeting will be held on Wednesday the 18th April, this will be a packed agenda, with the BNP fielding 3 candidates in the Gillingham area, there is lot of work to do in countering their lies and agenda to split the solidarity of working people.

The Love music Hate Racism festival on the 28th will also require a great deal of organising – if we are to stamp the mark of trade unionism on the event, and the need to organise and mobilise against racism.

This event will role straight into the campaign to build for the PCS dispute set for the 1st May, a significant dispute as the PCS union is striking as much against privatisation as it is for the cynical attacks on Collective Bargaining and agreements. The Trades Council in conjuction with the PCS North West Kent branch will be holding a public meeting on the 24th at the Sunlight centre, Gillingham, starting at 7.30pm, this event will primarily discuss solidarity action for the 1st.

All council members and volunteers are required to build for all of these events.

PCS day of action by: Stephen Hetterley Branch Secretary

Unity in defence of Jobs and Public service

Across Civil and Public Service we have seen cuts and derisory pay undermining the morale of staff and public services which working people depend on. In much of the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) this onslaught is not new and it has resulted in worsening conditions and what sometime seems like departmental policies like family friendly geared to flexible working policy are being replaced by the manta of “business needs”. Some of the service have been so effective that public may not be aware of the work which they do, but with cuts bearing down services are beginning to suffer.

Even if you work in a department or area which has thus far not been effected by cuts or may even be recruiting the cuts effect you too! As the Lyons review moves more jobs out of the South East our local economies and community suffer as income steams fall away. It is not that the south east is extremely prosperous and by cutting jobs here is providing work elsewhere where their need is greater as high streets teeming with pound stores are a reflection of the area true wealth.

We also know that the government has privatised and in some cases offshored work by the back door, which means the country as a whole loses skills and income and not just local communities.

On the subject pay we have below inflation pay rises in many government department with more likely to be looming. This is effect a pay cut and it is only by standing together on this and all theses issue are we going to gain something .

Time for action


We need volunteers and supporters to help organise and take part in the following:

Medway Unite against Fascism will be holding a meeting on Thursday 12 April 2007 at the Sunlight Centre, Richmond Road, Gillingham, from 7.30 until 9.00pm. This will be an organising meeting to plan leafleting and activity against BNP candidates standing in the local elections – 3rd May. The Trades Council and UAF will be leafleting and we need your help, for more info email Ralph @

18th April: Trades Council meeting 7.00, Chatham Rail Union Learn Centre, minutes and agenda to follow. Primarily this meeting will deal with countering BNP activity and organising for the Love Music Hate Racism festival

Date yet to be arranged: though between 18th and 28th: planning meeting for the PCS strike: to organise picket duty, leafleting and solidarity action and options.

28th Love Music Hate Racism festival 2pm – 11pm flyer attached, members required to distributed leaflets and man the stall

1st May, probably on of the most important strikes of the year, all civil servants will be out: DWP, Immigration, Learning Skills Council, SEEDA and MOD. Council members required for picket detail, will need cars to drive round to each, rally will follow in RAFA club time yet TBA, if you are unable to take part in the day please send messages of support. Council will be contacting unions and branches who might be in contact with workplaces like CWU requesting picket lines be observed.

We will also be producing a newsletter to bring all these points together volunteers required to feed into newsletter, NHS issues, PCS and anti-BNP activity

Volunteers required for leafleting prior to the elections